Not sure what to do during the long icy cold winter and the scorching hot sun in the summer?

We have you covered!

We are constantly changing and adding services to add to your fun.

We are still going through our Transformation period; meanwhile why not take advantage of our online sessions to help chase the Covid blues away. Check our calendar and our online membership for our Play, Learn and Burn program for kids and also for the family.

PLAY, Learn and Burn

We cover your kid’s wellness by proving a good balance of great activities to get into an active and healthy lifestyle all year round.


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We promote creative learning at our Zoozen Wellness Playgarden.

We believe kids learn best through play, interactions with peers, and making mistakes. We have designed a learning center with dedicated and skilled child-care providers just for that because when we learn we grow. We are provide a garden-like atmosphere with a touch of Zoo to combine fun and growth. Kids learn in the Zen Garden

Imaginative play is part of learning as well. This helps with cognitive skills and problem solving.

Studies indicate that pretend play on a regular basis will help build vocabulary and language skills. We plan to have programs with imaginative play for learning as well as events that will be fun and educational for different age groups.


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Kids Burn calories in the Sizzle Studio

However we will have online classes that will engage and exert their energies at home so they can maintain their health. Health is now the number one concern for each family because of current conditions. We promise to provide fun and interactive services both online and offline to help burn excess energies that can cause our health to deteriorate.

There's no scarcity of activities that a family can do together and we have many ideas as well as online and offline programs to get you moving. If we can get children to be interested in daily activities when they are young, this healthy habit will last with them for decades to come. Habits can be learned at any age so we have programs for all ages even for mom and pops.


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Regular play is not only fun, it’s necessary!

Playing is the most fun way to help kids improve with motor skills, interact with peers and get physical exercise that kids needs to grow happy and healthy. It’s a great way to exert their energy

Children play in the ZOO area of our playgarden and is supervised so moms can also play and take advantage of our spa services or just sit and relax in our ZEN-like atmosphere.


OPEN PLAY Schedule:

Thursday to Friday

AM: 10am to 12:30pm :

PM: 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday:

9:30 to 12:00pm

4pm to 7pm : Supervised PLAY


9am - 3pm: OPEN PLAY

Clients must check website and social media posts for private events. We reserve the rights to close for private events especially on weekends. If in case you come and we are closed, we will reimburse and add one day pass for future use.